Diễn Viên Emily Norman

Emily Norman

Busty Texan babe Emily Norman gets a serious thrill from showing off her incredible body and huge assets to horny guys. The former stripper would lap up the attention she used to get when performing on stage, and now she can pull the same sexy moves in front of the camera. Emily keeps herself in shape by frequenting the gym as well as shaking her impressive bubble butt on the dance floor, and it’s always a treat to see her flexible abilities. Although the curvy nymph prefers an intimate sexual experience where she can look into her partner’s eyes while getting fucked in missionary or cowgirl, she often fantasizes about being surrounded by ten or more big dicks and getting gangbanged in every hole, claiming that group sex is the best kind of sex. When she isn’t furthering her career in the adult biz, the raven-haired beauty enjoys traveling the world and discovering new places, yet she also considers herself to be a big homebody who is happiest when she’s simply relaxing at home with her dogs and cooking anything vegan, from vegan tacos to vegan desserts. Check out filthy southern belle Emily in action right here!

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