IPX-851 My sister gambled and owed money to gangsters, she "sold herself" 10 days to repay the debt

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    Momo's parents passed away seven years ago, and she had to drop out of high school to earn money to raise her younger brother. Even though he replaced his parents with a lot of love for his younger brother, he still hung out with bad people. He even recently joined a gangster. Today, Momo's younger brother ran home in a panic. He kept apologizing for always bothering her, thanking her for everything. Knowing something was wrong, Momo asked and found out that her younger brother had stolen money from the gang to gamble! The big brother called her younger brother to question him and will definitely take his life! Momo's younger brother is Momo's only relative, she cannot let her brother die like that. She decided to go with him to ask the big brother for forgiveness. From the moment he saw Momo, the big brother was attracted to her beautiful face, seductive body and love for his younger brother. He agreed to spare her brother on the condition that... she must be his woman for ten days! Because she saved her younger brother, Momo agreed. And from then on, he fucked her whenever he wanted. Momo was never allowed to wear clothes, she only wore sexy underwear so he could fuck her, even in front of his juniors. And then the ten days ended, but Momo's big, strong cock and his powerful strokes that seemed to want to destroy her pussy made it impossible for Momo to forget. She wanted to stay with him, wanted to be fucked by him even if she had to leave her beloved younger brother or her boyfriend who was waiting for her to return...
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