The perverted director sleeps in the same room as the lecherous long-legged secretary

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    Since joining the company, Tatsumi has always admired Mizukawa, the department head and the director's wife. Mizukawa is a very beautiful woman and very good at her job. Because he was busy watching over the department head, Tatsumi often made mistakes and was a jerk. Even his friend sitting next to him noticed and advised him to give up. Mizukawa was someone he couldn't reach. Even though he knows this, he cannot ignore his feelings for her. Because he was too busy thinking about the department head to complete the paperwork on time, Tatsumi had no other choice but had to work part-time. Coincidentally, Mizukawa forgot something and returned to the company. Seeing that Tatsumi was still working hard, he invited her out for a drink. This was the first time Tatsumi had seen Mizukawa's extremely gentle appearance, and she was even more attracted than before. As for Mizukawa, I don't know why, but he feels very safe with Tatsumi, he can easily trust him with everything. As the distance between the two gradually narrowed, Mizukawa proactively kissed her on the lips. While the two were awkward, Mizukawa took Tatsumi to a hotel she often visited. It was her secret hideaway, where she would forget all her troubles. But today she wanted to be here with Tatsumi, wake up, share her feelings with him. And after that time, they both knew how each other felt about them. The next day, Mizukawa rewrote the document forcing Tatsumi to work overtime. And that evening the two continued to make love in the company. Unfortunately, that scene was recorded by Tatsumi's colleagues and spread throughout the company. Mizukawa's husband wanted to take her to the Osaka branch and set Tatsumi on fire to calm things down. But Mizukawa had made up his mind. She decided to throw everything away, divorce her husband to follow Tatsumi. Although she doesn't know what the future will be like, living in a small room with Tatsumi, Mizukawa feels very happy, something her previous rich life could not bring her …
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