ADN-389 Sad that her husband is having an affair, his wife lets the young man at his part-time job fuck him

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    Yumi and her husband have been married for a while. Recently, her husband has been working overtime, coming home late, not eating at home, and often talking to someone on the phone. She knows her husband is having an affair but doesn't dare say it, because if she does, this family will collapse. Aoyama is an employee at the same part-time job as Yumi. He often invited her to drink, but because she was married, Yumi always refused. After learning that her husband was having an affair, Yumi also opened her heart to Aoyama. She also wanted to go drink some wine to ease the loneliness in her heart, so she accepted his invitation to go drink with him. She told Aoyama about her husband's affair, he was also cheated on by his girlfriend so he sympathized with her. Aoyama constantly praised Yumi for being cute, helping her feel happy and temporarily forget everything. And they both went to the hotel, Yumi told herself that this would be the only time for the two of them, but the happiness of being loved made Yumi unable to stop...
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