DASS-143 The father is away from home, the son stays at home to inseminate the mother

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    Hinata and her husband have a son, Yuki. Recently the two wanted to have another child, but Yuki didn't want to, he wanted to be an only child, marrying whatever he wanted. However, the couple still decided to have another child and went into "production" that night. Yuki happened to pass by and looked inside. He was immediately captivated by his mother's seductive body, a wrong feeling began to appear in him. Next week, Yuki's father has to go to America for two months on business. And for the first month, Yuki continuously said she liked her mother, not as a family relationship but between a man and a woman. Hinata thought that this was because it was the first time he saw a naked woman that he thought like that. But during this month, Yuki always proactively helped her and said he liked her. The rain soaked for a long time, and the two people's feelings gradually developed beyond the boundary that neither of them should have been allowed to touch. And then, a month later, Hinata agreed to let Yuki be a true "man" in the family. The two continuously fucked each other, and Hinata even had Yuki impregnate her. Even when her husband returned, the two secretly continued this wrong relationship every time Hinata's husband went to work...
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