Lustful female boss and lucky IT employee

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    I work for a technology company, this time I was accompanied by department manager Aoi, she is a beautiful woman and very good at her work. We went to a small rural area and convinced our partner company to upgrade to a cloud system to replace the current outdated system. But because I was not confident and inexperienced, I almost messed up the job. Fortunately, thanks to department head Aoi, they agreed to review our system. After finishing work, the department head invited me out for a drink. This was also the first time I discovered another side of her. Not as strict as when she was working, she seemed to change into a different person, cute, interested in me and especially extremely attractive! When I got to the hotel I found out there was only one room for the two of us! But she didn't seem to care about this at all. Then suddenly she hugged me. Seeing my reaction, she immediately guessed that I was still a virgin. "Let me help you escape your life as a virgin, okay?". How could I refuse the temptation of such a beautiful woman?!!! We made love continuously throughout that night. Even the next morning, seeing her made my penis hard and I had to ask her to calm it down, but I couldn't leave it like that and get on the train. But once wasn't enough for us, so we both decided to use the whole day to satisfy each other's sexual needs...
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